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Looking Through The Looking Glass of NVC.......Into All Our Relationships!

Through The Looking Glass....of NVC 
Into All Our Relationships!

An Online Zoom Class 
January 29 -February 26, 2019
Why is communication so hard sometimes? Especially with those closet to us? The residual affects of shame and guilt due to what we said or did impedes trust in ourselves and from others.
Oh! The violent cycle!
If you had a challenging time during the holidays with family and/or friends or perhaps there's a reoccurring difficult relationship you'd like to learn more about, take time to step back and reframe your experience through the lens of NVC. 

This 5 week class will utilize some of the basic skills of NVC, key distinctions, and several other longstanding NVC tools to bring clarity, build resilience, and learn a new way of looking at old problems!
Join me for Through The Looking Glass of NVC.... Into All Our Relationships
Tuesdays, January 29 - February 26
6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Because I want to make learning NVC as financially accessible as I can for everyone who would like to participate, if the fee is more than you'd like to pay, would you be willing to contact me? I'd like to support attendance by mutually agreeing to a fee that meets both of our financial needs.
I'm also asking for payments to be made with a 5 week commitment to attend. Because life happens and some will miss a class, recordings of the class will be sent to everyone registered.

Once you register, you will receive zoom instructions.

I hope to see you as we learn together! 

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